The basic course for all: driving license applicants of all classes etc.

The first aid course basically addresses all those interested, as no prior knowledge is required. The high number of emergencies in various areas makes it urgently necessary to train as many first responders as possible. So far, while basic first aid training has taken two days (sixteen 45-minute lessons), the first-aid basic training courses now include nine lessons and are organized by us as a daily event.

This course was developed for the new teaching concepts, which mediate the first aid measures symptom-oriented with predominant practice orientation, the first-aiders competence to act and thus security. First aid measures have been simplified and thus much easier to learn.

In addition to the "life-saving emergency measures" the course includes the following   

Topics and applications

  • wound care
    Dealing with broken bones
    Burns, heat / cold damage
    acid burns
    numerous practical exercises
    for coaching activities (for example, on school trips, in rescue swimming), for all driving license classes, for Passenger Transport Certificate (P-ticket) etc.

"Can really help - a good feeling!" This course provides you with the action security in first aid in almost every emergency in your free time and work.

Duration: 8h

This course takes place on one day, from 08:00 to 17:00 in the week and from 09:00 to 18:00 at weekends.

Price: 60 €